Sound Calendar of the Year 2018

“Sound Calendar of the Year” (Ecology Sound Calendar) Conceived by Jin Hi Kim

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Sept 1            
Sept 2

Jin Hi Kim




late summer katydids
Bridgeport, CT late summer katydids At 10 am I recored it for 10 mins. I heard only 7 times of vocalization - one or two times in a minute and a long rest. This is significantly less than last year about this time. The group seems to be smaller too. I heard a juxtapose of the city sounds and katydids.  
  Jin Hi Kim
a swarm of bees in the flower bush
Newtown, CT A swarm of wild bees landed in the Japanese knotweed bush. From the distance I did not see any bees until I got very close to the white flower bush. The visual sensation was mesmerizing but the sound of a swarm of bees were so soft yet they were intense. I used a shotgun direct microphone ZOOM SGH-6 to capture the sound. It was extraordinary sensation just being front of the active bee pollen collection. However, airplanes passing above and running lawn mortor overwhelmingly interrupted my experience. It turns out the blend of bees, airplane and lawn mortor is an unique sonic phenomina.
Sept 3          
Sept 4 Earth Uncut TV (via Youtube)
Hurricane Jebi
Japan The most powerful hurricane in 25 years to hit Japan

Hurricane Jebi in western Japan on Sept 4. Typhoon winds rocked parked trucks and funneled rain and sea water onto the streets.

Sept 5            
Sept 6


Sept 7

Sept 8 Marc Esposito
wind & structure
Storm King Arts Center, New York   I explicitly focused on the wind underneath a gigantic suspended sculpture that seemed to defy the force of air at the crest of a hill. It barely moved. The arts center had an inspiring exhibit on climate change and I was thinking about the role of wind in shaping our environment, and how I myself am shaped in response to life’s stressors.
Sept 9 Marc Esposito
slow combustion

Acadia National Park, Maine

  This meditative recording is of a small campfire at my site in Acadia national park during a solo camping trip. I had forgotten a flashlight so the light from the fire was all I had at night. The crackling sound reflected the fire’s combustion and states of change - matter transforming into gas with a release of energy. Each crackle was an unexpected one, yet the warmth from the fire was comforting.  
Sept 10            
Sept 11            
Sept 12            
Sept 13            
Sept 14 ABC
Hurricane Florence
New Bern, North Carolina North Carolina hit by hurricane Florence A 10-foot storm surge in New Bern submerged cars and trapped hundreds of residents in their homes.
Sept 15 Youtube
Typhoon Manghkut
Hong Kong

Typhoon Mangkhut is the strongest storm on the planet so far this year.

It made landfall in the Philippines’s Cagayan province around 1:40 am local time on September 15.
When it crossed land, Mangkhut was packing winds of up to 165 mph. The typhoon broked the glsses of the building.

Sept 16            
Sept 17            
Sept 18            
Sept 19            
Sept 20 Marc Esposito
walk from work to fountian
New York City I went on a walk to get some space from the office environment and relax.

Went to a nearby park with a fountain to wash away the stress. The falling water created a pleasant oasis in the cityscape sounds. I just like fountains -- and water. I felt refreshed then returned to work shortly thereafter.

walk from fountain
New York City  

I took a walk from work to destress and ended at the base of a fountain. Here, I leave the fountain - and the oasis it created - and re-enter the (sometimes stressful) city environment. Back to work! Here’s what I heard on my way back.

subway walk
New York City This selection is part of the daily commute home and a frequent path to Brooklyn.

I usually listen to techno or something here, but today I 'plugged in’ to the sounds around me using the same technology, and had a rewarding experience! You can hear me walking a block underground to the clatter of my keys - from the 1 train to the L train at 14th Street - where I then missed the subway! I made the next one and listened around in the meantime… Some distortion welcomes the listener to this recording too.

Sept 21            

Sept 22

Sept 23 Jin Hi Kim
walking in NYC
New York walking from 51st to 42 st East in NYC I was walking the streets, NYC. The city soundcape is intense, interesting, surprising and rich: car passing, people passing, subway train passing underground, Sunday church bells ringing. These are noticiable in a thick street soundscape I heard. It was about 15 min. walking. The stream of rest sounds are continued below.  
walking in NYC
New York walking from 42 st to 51 st East in NYC buses stopping, taxi & car horns, a crazy man shoutintg, people speaking in different langues, a moto cycle passing  
walking in NYC
New York walking from 42 st to 51 st East in NYC a garbage truck passing, cars passing, Sunday church bell ringing again, people passing, cars horns, trucks are passing  
walking in NYC
New York walking from 42 st to 51 st East in NYC a power washing maching running on the street, people talking and passing by me  
walking in NYC
New York walking from 42 st to 51 st East in NYC car horns, bus stopping, cars are rattling over the bump  
walking in NYC
New York walking from 42 st to 51 st East in NYC machine noise from the building, police siren, a truck food bander, airplane passing above, traffic  
Sept 24


Sept 25            
Sept 26            
Sept 27            
Sept 28 CNN
Sulawesi Tsunami
Palu, Sulawesi, Indonesia

a powerful earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and triggered a tsunami.

After the 7.5-magnitude earthquake hit Friday, water smashed into buildings and swept away homes in the coastal city of Palu, home to 350,000 people. 

Sept 29            
Sept 30