Sound Calendar of the Year 2018

“Sound Calendar of the Year” (Ecology Sound Calendar) Conceived by Jin Hi Kim

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Nov 1 Marc Esposito
shattering cement
Brooklyn, NY Are construction and loud urban sounds normalized ?

Standing on the suspended M subway station platform in the late morning, I listened to these construction workers shatter cement with industrial drills. I was surrounded by a crowd of people waiting for the subway. no-one seemed to pay attention to this clearly loud noise - were they not disturbed ? have these sounds become accepted ? and would that be good or bad?

Nov 2          
Nov 3          
Nov 4          
Nov 5 Jin Hi Kim
dawn in downtown Detroit
Detroit, MI at 6am city is waking up Downtown Detroit is very quite as the city currently has a small population. I noticed a flock of birds waking up across the Westin hotel. It was a wonderful surprize to be able to hear this intense chirping in the central downtown of the city.
Nov 6


Nov 7

Nov 8          
Nov 9 Youtube
Camp Fire in Paradise
Paradise, California The most destructive fire in state history and one of the deadliest. The Camp Fire forced the evacuation of residents in Paradise as dry and high winds pushed the fire to the town causing almost homes and businesses to burn. The Camp Fire has scorched more than 113,000 acres of Northern California.
Nov 10          
Nov 11          
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Nov 24

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