Sound Calendar of the Year 2018

“Sound Calendar of the Year” (Ecology Sound Calendar) Conceived by Jin Hi Kim

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MARCH 2018
Date Name Sound Category Location Why Recorded What Happened During Recording Image
Mar 1          
Mar 2 Jin Hi Kim
Bomb Cyclone on full moon
Bridgeport, CT intense rainstorm It was very spooky and terrifying bomb cyclone on full moon day. The rainstorm was hitting vigorously on my studio window. The police car with siren on was rushing through.
Mar 3          
Mar 4          
Mar 5          
Mar 6


Mar 7

Mar 8          
Mar 9 Youtube
Gold Springs, Columbia, California   At 11:30pm, The tree frogs in Jolly's Pond were croaking at a deafening level tonight. It was so loud, it hurt the ears. The surface of the pond was full of ripples, and you could see individual frogs floating and croaking, producing waves.  
Mar 10 Gustavo Matamoros
downtown, Miami, FL As I was walking I heard unusual sound coming out of the sewer It is very fascinating and the repetition of sound pattern is precisely predictable  
  Claudia Booth
    Today was just gorgeous, cloud cover, but gorgeous. Then this, the frogs in my little reflection pond, were just intense! The other frogs were in my pond, but these in this little pond were intense. You won't see much as it was dark outside, but just listen...  
Mar 11 Jin Hi Kim
wild green parrots on the dead tree
Seaside Park, CT Green wild parrots were gathering in their nest at sunset The parrots nested on the dead tree. It is inspring that the intense and exciting birds sounds bring a full life on the dead tree.
Mar 12          
Mar 13          
Mar 14  


Mar 15            
Mar 16 Daan Hendriks
Colobus Chorus
Kibale National Park, Uganda We can hear various black and white colobus monkeys do their characteristic croaking alarm calls.

The colobus in the far distance must have been spooked by something, and their warning calls resonate through the forest as more and more colobus from various locations throughout join in with the chorus. It was overall an extremely quiet night and I am not sure what made the colobus call to each other, but they are generally quite vocal throughout the late night / early morning period, so it's not such a strange occurance.

Mar 17          
Mar 18 Tong Kong

Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, USA

I recorded myself cooking fried eggs and tomatoes in the kitchen at Japanese Hall during spring break. I chose to record cooking because eating is an essential activity for survival of all life forms in all era. Cooking with various tools, such as knife, pan, oven is a specific modernized human activity. The process entails cutting ingredients of different texture and an intensive chemical reaction between hot oil and raw materials, which would provide complex and interesting sounds.

I find the sound from the fan louder and catches more attention in the recording than in real life. It sounds like a constant white noise that is hard to ignore, but while I was cooking I would not be constantly aware of its presence after it is on for several minutes. This sometimes results in forgetting to turn off the fan, which would potentially cause energy waste. I also find the different textures of food pretty interesting to listen to. While I was cutting those ingredients, I usually pay more attention to other aspects of their texture, such as shape, color and hardness, which would influence more on how I cut them or how they will contribute to the final appearance of my dish. I tend to ignore the sound they produce while being cut.

  Andrus Kennal
Creaking Trees
Alam-Pedja, Estonia       
Mar 19 Jack Baum
Washing Machine
Brooklyn, NY

This recording was taken on March 19th, 2018, at 12:20 PM in my house in Brooklyn, New York. It consists of the sounds produced by a washing machine. I wanted to capture these sounds because they represent the environmental concern of wasting water.

Not only this, but the regularity within the repetitive sound of a washing machine also represents that neglecting and wasting water has become a regular event. Much like the repetitive drone of the machine that can easily be ignored and forgotten, so is the fact that so much water in the world is being wasted.  
Mar 20 Molly Watstein
Napili Point
Napili Point, Maui, Hawaii Recorded on 3/20/18 at 11:35 am. Napili Point, Maui, Hawaii. Intended to capture the peacefulness of listening to the ocean, contrasted with human sounds made by tourists/beach visitors. Experience alerted me to sounds I'd not been thinking about -- wind, conversation, birds, splashes, etc -- and allowed me to better understand the interaction between the ocean and those enjoying it.Discovered that appreciating the sound of the ocean is very different than simply sitting on the beach; found myself thinking about all the life within the ocean and how human interaction with the noise of the waves diminishes its beauty and serenity  
Germany More than one third of frog species are considered to be threatened with extinction and over 120 are believed to have become extinct since the 1980s around the world. This is one of unique and joyous sounds among thousands of various frog vocalizations.  
Mar 21 Youtube
Syria War
Mar 22 Ian Jacobson
Rain Metal Screen
Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT It is a recording of rain from behind a metal screen-door. The microphone is placed inside on a wooden floor, and is very close to / pointed directly at the rain.    
Mar 23          
Mar 24


Students March DC
Mar 25 Wild Africa Rockynight
African Frog Bat Lion Roar
Africa   Lions are on open savanna at night surrounding sounds are frogs, insects, and bats besides lion roaring.  
Mar 26 Esme Lytle
Dark Room

Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

It was taken in the darkroom while I developed film photography.    
Mar 27        
Mar 28          
Mar 29          
Mar 30 Christine Hass
Mojave Desert Dawn Chorus
Mojave Desert      
Mar 31 Vernal Pool Chronicals
Wood Frog Peeper Chorus
Wolf Hill Forest Preserve, Smithville, RI   I recorded these wood frogs (Lithobates sylvaticus) and spring peepers (Pseudacris crucifer) at a vernal pool in Wolf Hill Forest Preserve.