Sound Calendar of the Year 2018

“Sound Calendar of the Year” (Ecology Sound Calendar) Conceived by Jin Hi Kim

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Date Name Sound Category Location Why Recorded What Happened During Recording Image
Dec 1            
Dec 2            
Dec 3 Jin Hi Kim
Walking on Leaves
CT Audubon winter walking in the woods The audubon is very quiet in winter. Not even a bird was making a sound around 3pm. I was alone in the wood. Only thing I could hear was my steps on leaves until I suddenly arrived at a stream.  
Trump respects Bush's death
Capitol Rotunda, Washington DC silent moment before the casket

"Trump handles Bush's death with abnormal normality" Politico

1 minute and 31 seconds silent prayer for the former President George H. W. Bush reminds John Cage' silence - sielnce is not silent.

Dec 4            
Dec 5            
Dec 6  

Dec 7

Martian wind
Mars NASA's InSight lander records first sound of wind on Mars

Sounds of Mars: NASA’s InSight senses Martian wind.
Data from the seismometer on InSight of vibrations caused by wind moving over the sola panels of the lander. This recording is pitched up two octaves to make it easier to hear through different types of speakers. 

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