Sound Calendar of the Year 2018

“Sound Calendar of the Year” (Ecology Sound Calendar) Conceived by Jin Hi Kim

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MAY 2018
Date Name Sound Category Location Why Recorded What Happened During Recording Image
May 1          
May 2          
May 3          
May 4          
May 5 Youtube
Turkey Flood
Ankara, Turkey   Turkish capital being hit with flash floods as Cars were tossed around and swept away. People are terrified and screaming.
May 6 Dustin DeMilio

Forest Birds
Brett Woods, Fairfield, CT, USA
Recorded in this location because it was my old back yard and i used to play in the woods when i was little listening to these birds. Revisiting Brett Woods as an adult I was more aware of the sound of the jet airplane.
Colombia Flood
Barranquilla, Colombia      

May 7

May 8          
May 9          
May 10          
May 11 VOA News

SpaceX Falcon 9
Cape Canaveral, FL exciting moment to Bangladesh's first communication satellite people's exclamation for the rocket luanch
May 12

Walt Ramage

backyard Frog
May 13          
May 14          
May 15 CNN
Night Sounds of the Explosions

Randy Dellinger(via Youtube)

Tornado Beacon Falls
Beacon Fall, CT very unusual to have tornado in Connecticut very intense and powerful rainstorm gushes everything away and breaks trees down  
May 16

Dustin DeMilio


Raining while driving
Bridgeport, CT, USA inside car during raining intense rhythm of rain drops  
  Jin Hi Kim
trees cleaned day after tornado
Naugatuck, CT As I was driving through CT to see the aftermath of a tornado I noticed the roads were closed. So many trees were snapped and fallen from the tornado. Men were cleaning the threes on the road and cutting them into small pieces.
May 17 Jin Hi Kim
Night In Hawaii
Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Hawaii's Kilauea volcano and surrounding environment during eruption. Live on CNN    
Bangladeshi Traffic
Bangladesh Dhaka Chittagong Highway intense & chaotic sound pollution of rush hour traffic
Night Frog
    frogs, car passing, birds  
May 19 Youtube
Jit Frog
May 20 Youtube
Rainforest West Papua
Indonesia beautiful soundscape comforting and beautiful meditation. It is healing!
May 21          
May 22 Jin Hi Kim
Volcano 11am Birds
Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Hawaii's Kilauea volcano and surrounding environment on the day of the volcano's eruption as recorded and live-streamed by CNN.  

Volcano 940pm Airplane

Volcano 9pm Explosion
May 23 Miscelánea Noticias
Spain Hail Storm
Castilla, Spain      
May 24

Jin Hi Kim

Volcano 1030am

Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano eruption Live on CNN 

It is a wild soundscape of violent lava eruptions, mixed with sounds of frogs, rooster, burning vegetation, and people talking.

Volcano 1230pm

Volcano 955pm
  Jin Hi Kim
CT Audubon1
Fairfield, CT birds sanctuary Birds and small creatures found their sanctuary in the forest but human made machines like a leave blower and airplanes overwhelm their songs.

CT Audubon2
May 25 Jin Hi Kim
Volcano 907am
Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Hawaii's Kilauea volcano and surrounding environment three days after its eruption, as broadcast live on CNN    
May 26 Andrus Kannel
Blyth's Reed Warbler
Alam-Pedha Nature Reserve, Estonia       
May 27 Youtube
Ellicott City Flood
Ellicott City, Maryland The 1000-year historic flood hits Ellicott City twice in 2 years  
Yemen Flood
Oman, Yemen  

Hurricane MEKUNU and floods in Salalah. Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm was a powerful tropical cyclone that affected Socotra, southern Oman and eastern Yemen.

May 28          
May 29 Youtube
Wuppertal Flood
Wuppertal, Germany During the summer months, various locations across the world are simealtanously experiencing extreme, infrastructurally devastating flooding. From Japan to India to Germany to Greece, extreme weather shows itself as non-isolated events. A number of various recordings stripped from videos taken by residents as they experience the rising waters in their flooding city.  
May 30 Jin Hi Kim
City Construction
Downtown Bridgeport, CT annoying machine sound interupping daily life It is intense noise drone but there is a veriety of sonic colors and rhythm in it
May 31 Youtube
Karnataka Monsoon Flood
Karnataka, India  

Record-breaking rains have hit parts of the Indian state of Karnataka, India over the past 24 hours, with up to 366.5 mm (14.4 inches) of rain within 24 hours.