Sound Calendar of the Year 2018

“Sound Calendar of the Year” (Ecology Sound Calendar) Conceived by Jin Hi Kim

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APRIL 2018
Date Name Sound Category Location Why Recorded What Happened During Recording Image
Apr 1 John Bidwell
Wood Frogs
Great Swamp   Finally a break in the snow. The action begins.  
Apr 2 Youtube
Laos   Summer Cicada Sound Of Nature  
Apr 3 Youtube
Brazil Flood
Petroplia, Brazil      
Apr 4            
Apr 5            
Apr 6

Harrison Nir

Wesleyan University, WestCo Dorm

Strategically located in the back of the dorm building, these pipes (and the noise they create) are meant to be hidden. However, often on my walk home, I am startled by an explosive sound coming from the second of the two pipes.

The first pipe of the two pipes (captured in the recording as the continuous resonant/water-movement noise) is inaudible from the pathways near their location but the second (which I caught at the opening of this recording and towards the end at 12:52) is extreme and jarring--like a gunshot!


Apr 7

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite Flood
Yosemite National Park During the summer months, various locations across the world are simealtanously experiencing extreme, infrastructurally devastating flooding. From Japan to India to Germany to Greece, extreme weather shows itself as non-isolated events. A number of various recordings stripped from videos taken by live-cameras set up across the national park by the NPS. Water levels run extremely high and flood most of the park, destroying some infrastructure. Visitors were evacuated.  
Apr 8            
Apr 9 Leong Tzi Ming
Malaysia   Signature sounds of a forest cicada (Tacua speciosa) on a bright & sunny day! Peninsular Malaysia hill forest  
Apr 10 Youtube
Saudi Arabia Hailstorm
Saui Arabia   hail dropping in Saudi Arabia  
Apr 12            
Apr 13            
Apr 14            
Apr 15            
Apr 16            
Apr 17 Elias Camacho
Wesleyan Campus Conversation
Wesleyan University, Middletown CT. This is a place on the Wesleyan Campus that I like to go by myself to read, think and people watch. Now that it is getting into spring, the tree above the bench that I sit on will begin to blossom with bright pink flowers. It is a great location because it is more of a throughway, where people don't typically stop for very long. So I got to hear some great conversations from passing prefrosh, parents, students, and professors.  
Apr 18 Youtube
Malaysia Dusk Chorus

The rhythmic sounds of cicadas and frogs combine in a rich dusk chorus in the rainforest of Ulu Muda, Malaysia.

Apr 19 Corvus k
Underwater Madives
Apr 20 Alaska Extreme
Humpback Whales

Humpback whales are commonly seen in Alaska’s Inside Passage and Gulf of Alaska. Many humpbacks spend the summer near Alaska and winter off the cost of Mexico or Hawaii.

Apr 21            

Apr 22

Apr 23            
Apr 24


Apr 25 MBARI
Humpback whale song
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, CA Humpback whale song from Monterey Bay It is spectrogram of a beautiful humpback whale song from deep in the Monterey Bay. These sounds were recorded on an underwater microphone (hydrophone) located about 30 kilometers (18 miles) from shore, 900 meters (3,000 feet) below the surface of Monterey Bay. It is attached to the MARS undersea cabled observatory, which carries data from the hydrophone back to shore.  
Apr 26            
Apr 27 macentertainment
Yellowstone Steamboat Geyser Eruption
Yellowstone National Park Tallest and furthermore powerfull steamboat geyser eruption Geologists at Yellowstone National Park have reported the third eruption from the world's largest active geyser in the past six weeks.
Indian Traffic
India   chaotic driving scene of car and motocycles without the traffic lights  
Apr 28 Cyd Sacks
Green Tree Frog

Apr 29

Harrison Nir

Bus Engine Bridgeport Station

Bridgeport Station, Bridgeport, CT, USA

The idling behemothic bus was making such a loud sound! A pollution second to its gasoline consumption.

Standing next to the bus, one is overwhelmed with the sound and can hear nothing else, barely the person standing next to you. This close, it becomes evident that the engine's roar is highly complex.

Harrison Nir
Changing Tides Bridgeport Beach
Bridgeport Beach, Bridgeport CT, USA Originally drawn to the flock of gulls wading in the shallow water, I recorded the location where the ocean meets the shore. Lucky timing allowed me to capture the tide rising and the gulls reacting to the change, flying high above the surface of the water, performing tricks in flight.
Harrison Nir
Construction Machines Bridgeport Station
Bridgeport Station, Bridgeport CT, USA Just outside of the train station in Bridgeport, there was major construction happening. Approaching the station, I was caught off-guard by a tremendous crashing sound echoing off the buildings. Waiting patiently for more sound to be made, this is what was captured. The machines themselves make tremendous sound, without even digging into the cement. The workers were burying a tank in the Earth, a very slow, careful process. The sounds they created were diverse.
Harrison Nir
Seashell Walk Brideport Beach

Bridgeport Beach, Bridgeport CT, USA A mass of seashells accumulates on Brideport Beach. Walking on this accumulation creates awesome crunch sounds and aural 'shellslides' of all sorts. I wonder what has these shells accumulate in such great a number, where is the life that once inabited them? Listening to the shells, one can get a better understanding of both the ground beneathe them and how many layers of shells exist beneathe your feet. The byproduct of ocean life creates this percussive instrument. The sound, in a way, mimics the ocean waves crashing.
Harrison Nir
Train1 Bridgeport Station
Brideport Station, Bridgeport, CT, USA The Bridgeport Station is set under a major highway system, itself lifted above street level. Trains as a form of transportation provide a more energy efficient way to travel and yet are of an older technology. The contrast between the trains and the cars on the highway above interested me. The cars on the highway, as multiplicitous sonic bodies, create a sound very different from the single train approaching the station. Two recordings made.

Train2 Bridgeport Station
Todd Berger
Toad singing
Cologne, MN      
  Chanel TSB
Frog in Raining Season

Frog Stream
Apr 30 WildernessWorld
Mating Frog Sounds
Seaton Trail, Green River, Ontario