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JUNE 2018
Date Name Sound Category Location Why Recorded What Happened During Recording Image
June 1 Youtube
Germany Flood
Various Cities in Germany During the summer months, various urban locations across the world simultaneously experiencing extreme, devastating flooding. From Japan to India to Germany to Greece, extreme weather shows itself as non-isolated events. The flood was in several cities: Ottbergen, Soest, Niederwörresbach, Solingen and Kirchen.  
  Andrew Pritchard
Nebraska Supercell Tornado
Nebraska, OH With the climate change, there has been enormous size of supercell tornado that alarms us to watch out the unexpected weather pattern. It is hard to record the wind sound, but it captured the emergency of the freaking moment.
June 2          
June 3          
June 4 Youtube
Single Frog
Severe Thundersorm
Leander, Ceder Park, TX

After a long period of what seemed like a thunderstorm extinction in Central Texas, the Storm Prediction Center issued a marginal risk for severe thunderstorms in the area, mostly for damaging winds. Towards the evening, a mesoscale convective system began to move in from eastern Texas and headed westward towards the Austin area, reaching the Central Texas area by around 11:00 PM. At around 11:45 PM, the National Weather Service issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for eastern Williamson County for 60 mph wind gusts and nickel-sized hail.

June 5 Youtube
France Flood
France aftermath of the climate change Citiy suffered from floods. People observing the scene laughed about cars ramdomely floating around.
June 6 Harrison Nir
No Lifeguard On Duty
1,000 Steps Beach, Laguna CA Storms off Hawaiian coasts brought large masses of seaweed to the Laguna area beaches, in the late morning the beach was empty and silent except for the pounding of the waves on the rocks that line the shore. A pair of crows landed on the beach to dig for remaining human food scraps, the tide slowly rose, a man in the distance searched for valuables with a metal detector.  
  Harrison Nir
Sea Boulder
1,000 Steps Beach, Laguna CA Large life-covered boulders line the shore at 1,000 Steps, hosting thoughts of barnicles attached to the rock, sustained by ebbs of the current that splash over the top of the rock. The rock's shape filters the flow of the tide as it rises and recedes. The life forms on the rock show the patterns of the tide. Waterfalls and tide-rivers are created, creating amazing sound as the water recedes back to the ocean.
  Harrison Nir
Sea Cave
1,000 Steps Beach, Laguna CA A large, dry sea cave sits in the far cliff at 1,000 Steps Beach. The beach sounds are filtered much differently in the cave then outside and as one gets deeper, a profound quiet can be found. Beach goers enter the cave to take artistic pictures and selfies. I entered the cave alongside three others, who I didn't know, who can be heard in the backround of my recording, talking and laughing within the cave and altering the soundscape.
  Harrison Nir
Ramakrishna Monastery1
Trabuco Canyon, CA Perched atop the canyon, the Ramakrishna monastery renders a space of quiet sanctuary, for humans and non-humans animals and plants alike. Recorded at dusk, many birds including an owl and a number of parrots could be heard singing as the sun receded. The canyon overlooks a large highway system, mingling semi-harshly with the prestine landscape atop the canyon and the meditation center's purpose.  

Harrison Nir

Ramakrishna Monastery2

Trabuco Canyon, CA

Many birdsongs could be heard at dusk from the Ramakrishna Monestary.

Unidentified parrot song from the canyon below, the shuffling of rabbit feet in front of me on the trail.

June 7 Harrison Nir
Sea Channel

Laguna Beach, CA

Exploring the old and beautiful beaches of Laguna, I came across a channel that the tide rushes into and draws out of, creating a river-rushing sound that ebbs and flows. In the center of this channel is a large circular boulder that the water crashes up again, almost strategically placed as if to block the waves. I wondered how it got there. The boulder's placement creates a great slushing sound, as the water rises to surround the rock structure. Birds flew overhead. Beach-goers, often families, wandered by me, curious of my recording. The water rose slightly.
June 8          
June 9 Youtube
Mumbai Vasai Flood
Mumbai, India During the summer months, various urban locations across the world simultaneously experiencing extreme, devastating flooding. From Japan to India to Germany to Greece, extreme weather shows itself as non-isolated events. A number of various recordings stripped from videos taken by residents as they experience the rising waters in their flooding city.  
Frog at Night
South Korea      
June 10          
June 11          
June 12          
June 13 Youtube
Lebanon Flood
Baalbeck, Lebanon During the summer months, various urban locations across the world simultaneously experiencing extreme, devastating flooding. From Japan to India to Germany to Greece, extreme weather shows itself as non-isolated events. A number of various recordings stripped from videos taken by residents as they experience the rising waters in their flooding city.
June 14 Harrison Nir
Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood CA, USA So many sounds, human and non-human coexist in this epicenter of Los Angeles. Many different musical aspects to the street, from sung advertisements to loud pop-music extending into the streets from the storefronts to the heavy traffic. Many different languages spoken among the crowds.

Runyon Canyon
Runyon Canyon, Hollywood CA, USA Natural canyon oasis is a high-traffic locations for LA hikers and celebrity exersizers. Walking off the path, I found a space distant from the human traffic where hummingbirds played, owls hooted and bees were busy on an altar of flowers.
June 15          
June 16 Harrison Nir
Matilija Creek
Los Padres National Forest, CA

The Matilija Wilderness experienced an overwhelming forest fire from December 2017 into early 2018. The landscape is completely charred, with new undergrowth.The Matilija Creek held a fraction of its normal water flow.

polyrhythmic water flow, airplane passing overhead, bird song, wind

Matilija Wilderness Evening1
variations of bird song, creek flow, wind

Matijila Wilderness Evening2
variations of bird song, creek flow, wind

Matilija Wilderness Morning
clear bird song, hummingbird, human movement, wind, creek flow
Harrison Nir
Ojai Raptor Center1
Ojai Raptor Center, Ojai CA The Ojai Raptor Center is an education and rehabilitation center for injured or young birds of prey. The center holds a large number of magnicent birds and a small hospital. red-tailed hawk, vulture wing/talon sounds, crows, ravens, volunteer

Ojai Raptor Center2
red-tailed hawk, vultures, various bird calls, insect flight, volunteer voices

Ojai Raptor Hospital1
cage cleaning, baby crow calls, volunteers speaking, phone ringing

ORC Baby Crows Fed
cage doors, Kim Stroud (ORC head), force fed baby crows/owls/vultures, baby owls and vultures hissing

ORC Talking Birds1
human call and small bird response

ORC Talking Birds2
"Boo" the owl speaking to Kim Stroud, owl flight within enclosure, variations of owl sounds.
June 17          
June 18 CNN
detained children crying
Mexico Boder disturbing so painfuland shameful  
June 19          
June 20 Harrison Nir
Pidgeon Nest
East Hollywood, CA A pigeon nest full of babies sits on the rafter above the porch in the house that I am living in East Hollywood. The pigeon's life, from birth, is integrated into the urban environment. Loud traffic and human-influence are staples of their newly natural existance, part of their understanding of the natural world.
male Anax (Dragon flyer) call
France Observations et Enregistrements captured Anax call  
June 21          
June 22          
June 23          
June 24

June 25 Bbbob Drake
Canal Hydrophone
Cuyahoga Valley National Park - Ohio & Erie Canal, north of Red Lock Environmental change occurs at all scales,from macro to micro. Melting icecaps and increased hurricane activity are easy for us to see, but small changes in soil or water have just a wide-ranging an impact. This hydrophone recording from a still-water pond (remnant of an old canal) captures the clicking and groaning of rotifers and water insects that we normally don't see or hear. 
The affects of global climate change on their population are barely understood. But they are sensitive to small environmental fluctuations in the short term (as demonstrated in this recording). We know little about how sustained changes in climate will affect these critical lower links at the bottom end of the foodchain.

At the very start of the recording, the sun had been obscured by clouds which were just starting to clear. As the sunlight became more direct, the clicking sounds of the aquatic creatures quickly increased in speed. I like to think they were happy.

Vietnam Flood
Northern Vietnam      
June 26          
June 27 Youtube
Greece Flood
Various Cities in Greece During the summer months, various urban locations across the world simultaneously experiencing extreme, devastating flooding. From Japan to India to Germany to Greece, extreme weather shows itself as non-isolated events.

Cars swept away by flood to the sea

June 28          
June 29          
June 30 Harrison Nir
Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree National Park, CA During the heat of the day, Joshua Tree is profoundly silent. Every slight movement of stone or animal can be heard. Quickly, my body was found by a number of flies. The Joshua Tree I recorded next to makes an interesting sound when struck with a gust of wind and the soft buzz of the natural ambiance is unique.

Joshua Tree Bird Song
A small black and grey desert bird with a beautiful song searched for larva in a bush adjacent to our campsite. I could stand so close to and record the bird--the intimacy was astounding. Variations of a single bird's song, bird-movement, wind noise and Joshua Tree natural ambiance.

Sunset Gathering @ KeysView
A large amount of people gather at Keys View, a scenic peak in Joshua Tree, to watch the sunset. The natural location becomes a human dominated environment. A cacophony of various conversations out of focus, multiple languages spoken, footsteps and the sounds of various devices in use.

White Tank Campsite
The night time in wild Joshua Tree brought us back to the saftey of our camp, where I realized the comfort invested in human noise. The crackle of our firepit, the song of the evening bugs, the voices of adjacent campsites.
Romania Flood
Romania   Bridges, houses and streets collapse by Massive floods.
Bbob Drake
Cicadas BroodVII
Wooded ridge off of Kelsey Drive, near Nedrow, Onondaga County NY These are 17 year Cicadas from the Brood VII population, recorded towards the end of their 1 month emergence cycle. Broods emerge in specific geographic locations, and this particular brood is one of the smallest in the US. The area of this year's emergence was considerably smaller than previous records, indicating that the population is shrinking, due to environmental factors including habitat destruction and possibly climate. Map at  We arrived towards the end of the emergence cycle, and were unable to locate an active chorusing group. Chorusing is a behavior where many males congregate and sing collectively in an effort to maximize their chances of attracting mates. As the emergence winds down, individuals continue to call, which is what we captured in this recording - not as dramatic as the chorusing, with its volume and swirling swells of sound. The location we found was at the edge of a very recently constructed housing development, which surely had displaced many acres of woodland that was supporting this population.